A holy place in Bangalore city

Days are these where the trees are uprooted and the lush greenery is blackened, and same is the fate of small hillocks in and around Bengaluru.The legend of Annamma dates back to Tipu Sultan’s age. Uttarahalli then a Christian pocket was lying by the side of Tipu’s cavalry path. During that period according to the legend the lonely girl Annamma had fallen prey to the Tipu’s soldiers and in the bid of escape she fell down from the hill. Repenting on this the soldiers have buried Annamma and erected a cross on the grave. Thus Annamma became the village deity and people from all walks started adoring her. Till today the hill is popularly called as Annamma 
Betta (betta = hill) and one can see a huge steel cross on the tip of the hill erected by Rev.Fr.Briand around 1950s or 60s. During Lent the Christians follow the Way of the Cross. The pictures showing Jesus accepting the death sentence and carrying the cross to the Mount Calvary or Golgotha is being recited along the 14 stations is called the ‘Way of the Cross’. Every Friday evenings during Lent the Churches witness this performance of the Cross procession. The same Way of the Cross if performed in the hillock Annamma Betta. [2] Annamma Betta is the seat of the Stations of the Cross for two centuries. The day that is the fifth Sunday (this year it is on 7th April, 2019) of the Lent the surface of the mountain will be filled with the devotees climbing the mountain surface. At the foot of the hill is the legendary Annamma’s cemetery and there is also a Catholic Church and an adoration chapel. Carrying his own cross, mourning at 14 different stations gives a bare witness to a man scaling his life overcoming all the hurdles. Thus the Way of the Cross at the Annamma betta unveils the different faces of devotion.
Annamma Hill feast will take place every year. last year over a lac of people assembled the miraculous hilly place and all of them received lot of blessings of the Lord.  There will be three holy masses in different languages by the Archbishop of Bangalore, followed by the way of the cross and then healing service by Fr Dominic Xavier, parish priest, St Ant.  Many people reported having experienced miraculous healings. In addition, the Archbisop laid the foundation stone for the construction of Bangalore Renewal Retreat Centre at Annamma Hill, set to  begin in April.  Bishiop had sought donations for the construction of the same, and there was a good response.
The church

A book about the history of Annamma and the hill was released by the Archbishop of Bangalore the sale also took place at the venue.